RedSox Win The World Series, You Gotta Tip Your Hat To This 2018 Team

The RedSox won their third championship in eleven years because they won with fundamentals, they pitched well, hit well and ran the ball well. I will give credit when credit is due, as a Yankee fan, it hurts knowing that we contributed to this title but it makes us hungry for next year. The tale of the two first year managers in the first round, went big time advantage to the RedSox manager Cora as Aaron Boone showed that he was indeed a rookie manager and failed to pull the correct strings. In round two the RedSox faced yet another 100 win team in the Astros and played fundamentally well, with key guys coming through in the clutch, most notably the pitching of David Price, who traditionally had not pitched well in the playoffs prior to 2018 but found a way to put it together. In the World Series against the Dodgers, the Dodgers did have some success, leading in 3 out of the 5 games played, the big difference was the bullpen, for the Dodgers they faded while the bullpen for the RedSox shined. You look ahead to next year and the changes that are sure to come to the teams around the league, its scary to think that the nucleus for this team will be intact and that its a very real possibility that this team can challenge for a second consecutive title. Let the off season commence and let the team re-shuffling begin.

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