Dodgers Look To Build On Game 3 Marathon Win, Even The Series

The Dodgers were able to win game 3 to bring the series to 2-1, advantage Red-Sox. It took 18 innings, which equates to two full baseball games but the Dodgers pulled it off. This makes now, two straight games where the Dodgers held the lead, the difference between game 2 and 3 is that the pitching for the Dodgers in game three was phenomenal. You gotta think, now that the Dodgers were able to go home and away from that joke of a minor league stadium that the RedSox call Fenway park, that the momentum has to be shifting somewhat in the Dodgers favor. Another advantage for the Dodgers is that since the series has shifted to the NL stadium, the DH has been eliminated, thus making the RedSox choose between starting JD Martinez or Andrew Benintendi, Benintendi who has had the far superior World Series so far played second fiddle and was only brought on late as a substitue for the slow Martinez. Game 4 is tonight, the Dodgers send Rich Hill to the mound, who will be opposed by Eduardo Rodriguez, who btw pitched last night for two outs. If I were a betting man, I am actually, I would bet for another Dodgers win tonight as Rich Hill has had a good postseason so far, giving up only three runs in 10 innings.

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