The NBA: The Greatest Soap Opera’s On The Planet!

You gotta love the NBA, it has become such a god damn soap opera that its hard to pick one team to watch. You have spitgate that happen over the weekend between the Lakers and Rockets and of course my all time favorite soap opera to come out this year is the never ending saga with Jimmy Butler, KAT and Wiggins in Minnesota. The moral of that story is you REALLY, REALLY need Jimmy Butler to win. The other soap opera that started this summer was the King, Lebron James moving his talents from Cleveland to LA, so far for the King it is anything but daunting, the Lakers have opened the season 0-2 and you can already tell that its going to be a tough season for Bronny. The on field story is that once again the Warriors are favored to win the title, especially after going out this off season and signing All-Star center Demarcus Cousins, jeez you can just fast forward to next June and see that the Warriors will be hoisting up that god damn trophy. The Easter Conference in the NBA will be a three team dog race between the Celtics, Raptors and Sixers. The only threat to the Warriors is among that group and it will be interesting to see what a full season of Gordon Hayward in Boston will look like and what a season with Kawhi Leonard will do for the Raptors after trading away star Demar Derozan. One thing for sure is that the NBA will be the most entertaining league on the planet because of all the stories that assuredly will enfold throughout the season. I just want to reiterate that the Wolves REALLY, REALLY need Jimmy Butler!

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