The Big Lebowski Cast Reunites, Talks 20th Anniversary

The 20th Anniversary of The Big Lebowski saw its stars, John Goodman, Jeff Bridges and Steve Buscemi reunite for one time to answer some questions on NBC’s The Today Show. The stars spoke about their reactions to the script the first time reading, John Goodman describes the script as “Laugh out loud funny”. The movie is an absolute masterpiece with a ton of memorable moments. A favorite of mine is when Walter screams at Smokey for having his foot over the line when he took his shot during their bowling match. In true Walter form, he goes absolute ape-shit and orders Donny to mark it a zero, when Smokey protests to Walter, Walter pulls out a pistol and starts screaming for justice. That scene and the fact, no matter what Jeff Bridges does in his career, he will forever be known as The Dude and The Dude abides!

Smokey Over The Line

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