Paul Allen, Owner Of Seahawks/Trailblazers Dies Age 65

You gotta tip your cap and respect a guy like Paul Allen. The man was a monster in the business world and his love for sports, brought a champioship to the Seattle Seahawks and a culture of winning to a city that desperately needed some winning. He would also go on to to purchase the NBA’s Portland Trailblazer, although he did not attain the same success as witht the Seahawks, he is credited with bringing a winning culture back to a team who had sorely missed it for decades. Allen, who co-founded Microsoft with high school friend, Bill Gates, will be remebered for creating Microsoft and a key contributor to the software that is used on a daily basis today. He was a gentle man, a man who donated a good portion of his fortune to the city of Seattle and never forgot where he came from. In all, Allen donated more than two billion dollars to combat homelessness and climate change. Allen, lost his battle to cancer but in the fight of life he far suceeded and exceeded anything and everything that came in his way. May he rest in peace, you shall be remebered!

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