NFL Fantasy Football:Week 7 Rundown

Have no clue who to pick up in the waiver wire in your fantasy league? Wonder no more, The Flag Post has got you covered. We will give you the tools you need to master your league, straight to the ship! Here’s a preview for this weeks waiver wire:

Must Pick Up

  1. Jameis Winston-TB-Own % 57.1
  2. Mitchell Trubisky-CHI-Own % 32.8
  3. Sam Darnold-NYJ-Own % 6.4

The Spin: Jameis Winston is showing that this team has major fantasy weapons and he is definitely one of them. Winston who replaces fantasy stud Fitzmagic came out swinging to the tune of 42.1 points, you can expect the same from a slumping Cleveland defense in week 7. Mitchell Trubisky is slowly but shorely showing fantasy owners he needs to start, in his last three games, Trubisky is averaging nearly 34 points a game. Sam Darnold, it warms this writers heart is actually a viable fantasy option. In the last two games for the Jets, he is averaging 25 points a game.

Running Back
  1. Duke Johnson Jr-CLE-Own % 44.7
  2. Corey Clement-PHI-Own % 62.1
  3. Peyton Barber-TB-Own % 43.0
The Spin: Duke Johnson Jr has been splitting time with free agent pickup Carlos Hyde but the last 3 games he has been averaging nearly 11 points a game, definitely a good RB2 or Flex option. Corey Clement is the beneficiery of Jay Ajayi’s injury, you can expect good fantasy numbers from him, his first game in Ajayi’s place he picked up 15.3 points, expect more of the same from him. Peyton Barber is benefitting from the elusiveness of Jameis Winston, in his first game with Winston under center he picked up 20.2 points, he should be a good RB2/Flex option going forward.
Wide Receiver
  1. Allen Robinson -CHI-Own % 93.4
  2. Christian Kirk-ARI-% 13.9
  3. Chester Rogers-IND-Own % 13.1
The Spin: Big things were expected from Allen Robinson this season and thanks to the emergence of Trubisky in the last three weeks, Robinson is showing his worth. In his last three games he is averaging 11 points a game, he should be considered a good WR2/Flex option. Christian Kirk, has been a consistent mainstay this season in a very up and down season for Arizona’s QB’s, in his last two games he is averaging nearly 15 points. Chester Rogers has been a favorite of Andrew Luck’s, with the uncertainty of T.Y. Hilton’s health on a week to week basis, consider Rogers a good pick going forward, in his last three games he is averaging nearly 16 points, you can roll with him and consider him a borderline WR1/WR2 pick.
Tight End
  1. O.J. Howard-TB-Own % 36.5
  2. David Njoku-CLE-Own % 71.8
  3. Ricky Seals-Jones-ARI-Own % 16.0

The Spin: O.J. Howard is showing the league that he is a force at TE. With the emergence of Jameis Winston, you can expect his numbers to go up, way up! In Howard’s last three games he is averaging nearly 16 points a game. David Njoku, no kidding! This guy just needed a QB to throw to him and boy does Baker Mayfield love doing that. In Njoku’s last three games he is averaging nearly 13.5 points a game. Ricky Seals-Jones who? You wont be saying that after you pick him up that’s for sure. In his last three games he is averaging nearly 10 points a game.


  1. Indianapolis Colts-Own % 7.1
  2. New York Jets-Own % 34.0
  3. Miami Dolphins-Own % 28.7

The Spin: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three time, NOOO god damn way. The Colts will be playing the Bills and you can expect a big game from QB Andrew Luck and crew, especially if T.Y. Hilton is healthy. This means that the Bills will be behind the red-eye if the offense is rolling on all cylinders for the Colts and look for a struggling Bills QB platoon to continue. The god damn Jets are showing that they are a consistent football team on Defense, despite playing the Vikes in week 7, you can expect a good amount of sacks against Kirk Cousins. The Dolphins are playing Detroit coming off a bye and you can expect a very ready Dolphins D for Stafford and Co.


  1. Jason Myers-NYJ-Own % 0.9
  2. Brett Maher-DAL-Own % 4.3
  3. Adam Vinatieri-IND-Own % 61.2

The Spin: Jason Myers went 7 for 7 against the Colts, look for the Jets to give him plenty of FG attempts against a stingy Vikings defense. Bret Maher went 4 for 4 for the Boys last week, look for the same against a tough Washington defense. Adam Vinatieri is seemingly defying time and just keeps showing the league that even deep into his 40’s he is a top kicker, he is a consisten 10 points in his last four games.

Must Drops

  1. Ryan Tannehill-MIA-Own % 20.5
  2. Joe Flacco-DAL-Own % 18.7
  3. Baker Mayfield-CLE-Own % 42.8

The Spin: Ryan Tannehill missed week 6 and it’s ok because under Brock Osweiler the Dolphins racked up the points, between the inconsistent play and the emergence of Osweiler, you need to drop the Fin on Tannehill. Joe Flacco is indeed wacco, in his last two games he is averaging a pultry 14 points a game. Baker Mayfield, after a hot start he is showing that he is a good game manager just not a viable fantasy option, in his last two games he is averaging 19 points but there are better options out there.

  1. Royce Freeman-DEN-Own% 80.8
  2. Derrick Henry-TEN-Own % 70.9
  3. Ronald Jones-TB-Own % 23.2

The Spin: Royce Freeman is just stinking it up right now for the struggling Broncos. He is not an option, stay away. Need numbers, ok fine, in his last three games he is averaging avergaing just over 7 points a game. Derrick Henry is clearly second fiddle to Dion Lewis, in his last two games, Lewis is averaging just 4 points agame. Ronald Jones is owned in just about a quarter of the leagues and needs to be dropped, not worth a Flex option, he is averaging just over 4 points a game. 

Wide Receiver

  1. Keelan Cole-JAX-Own % 49.3
  2. Kelvin Benjamin-BUF-Own % 38.2
  3. Chris Hogan-NE-Own % 54.4

The Spin: After a hot start, Keelan Cole has slowed down, as has the Jaguars in general. In his last last three games he is averaging just over 6 points a game. Kelvin Benjamin cant seem to get along with any QB, now in Buffalo he has struggled mightily after starting his career hot with the Panthers. In his last three games, Benjamin is averaging just 4 points a game. Chris Hogan, although a decent game against the Chiefs has slowed down considerably with Edelman and Gordon becoming more prevalent in the offense for Tom Brady. In his last three games, Hogan is averaging just over 6 points a game. 

Tight End
  1. Jesse James-PIT-Own % 11.7
  2. Cameron Brate-TB-Own % 39.7
  3. Charles Clay-BUF-Own % 17.5

The Spin: Really, it could be anybody’s week in Steeler country but with the Steelers going into a bye and Vance McDonald becoming a favorite of Big Ben, its time to drop James. In his last three games, James is averaging just over 4 points a game. Cameron Brate is nowhere near close to being on the same level of O.J. Howard, you need to drop this guy quick, c’mon, what are you waiting for! Fine, more number? In his last two games, Brate is averaging just over 9 points a game to Howard’s 16! Charles Clay, once a decent fantasy option has fallen victim to a very inconsistent and wildly bleek Buffalo offense. In his last three games, Clay is averaging just over 5 points a game. 


  1. Philadelphia Eagles-Own % 91.9
  2. Carolina Panthers-Own % 56.6
  3. Denver Broncos-Own % 43.4

The Spin: Philly, Philly, Philly, nothing good going on in Philly and unfortunately they cant’t play the Giants every game. The defense is a shell of what it once was last year. In the last three games, the Eagles D has averaged just over 4 points a game and with a big game against the Panthers coming up, you can expect the same. Carolina also has been wildly inconsistent this year and has been very middle of the pack in the defense, unfortunately it has translated into many good fantasy outings. In the last two games the Panthers have averaged 7 points but with a potent Eagles offense, you can expect a very uneven outing for sure. The Denver Broncos right now are a god damn mess, the defense which had been a staple for the last few years has shown cracking. In the last three games, they are averaging 0 points, that’s right a god damn donut!


  1. Jake Elliott-PHI-Own % 59.9
  2. Cody Parkey-CHI-Own % 17.9
  3. Chris Boswell-PIT-Own % 64.7

The Spin:Jake Elliott, who was a weapon last year for the Eagles has been uneven in his performances this year and has averaged just 8 points a game in his last two. Cody Parkey has had a decent year for the Bears, but missed a field goal last week against the Dolphins and with the Patriots coming in, you can expect that it will be a high scoring game with many XP being taken in place of FG’s. Chris Boswell has been in the doghouse all year for the Steelers, once very reliable has become very inconsistent. Five for Eight for the season and averaging just over 6 points a game in his last 3 games.

Check back next week for an in depth look at the must pick/ drop list and good luck this week!
*Please note that all Own % totals are based on ESPN fantasy stats

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