Yankees Journal:Where Do The Yankees Go From Here?

Where do the Yanks go from here? A disappointing ALDS against the Red Sox has opened the flood gates for questions but what are the answers? Obviously the hot points are starting pitching and first base. There could be holes in the starting five if a deal cannot be worked out with CC Sabathia, who has discussed recently a willingness to return next year and for any team. CC has been solid the last couple years but it cannot be overstated that with his age and diminishing velocity, you wonder how much more is left in the tank. That brings us to first base, let’s just address the elephant in the room, Greg Bird is terrible, he just absolutely stinks! It’s getting to be a tired theme when even through the mediocrity, he still gets the benefit of the doubt with his “promise”. Aaron Judge had promise as well as Gary Sanchez but the difference is Bird hasn’t come close to putting it together as Judge and Sanchez have! I think it’s time to move on from the Greg Bird experiment and jump ship. Luke Voit, although struggled mightily in the ALDS, had a solid month or so for the Yankees. If the sample size is a good indicator, the problems are solved. On the flip though, if Voit can replicate his September than at best he is a cheaper alternative to Greg Bird. The wildcard to this whole scenario is Neil Walker. Walkers defense is solid but the question is can he consistently hit. The upgrade to the whole scenario, hear me out know is Bryce Harper. Listen the guy has been linked to the Yanks for the past couple years and even expressed a willingness to learn to play first base. If Harper could be a decent glove at first, problem is SOLVED!!

Ok I waited to throw this one in but you cannot overlook the fact that Aaron Boone kinda screwed the pooch the last two months of the season. His inability to make timely moves definitely cost the Yanks some game and debatably the last two games of the ALDS. It cannot be overlooked that Mike Scioscia is available and is a seasoned god damn manager. If you give this man a monster lineup, who undoubtedly will make some upgrades the keys to the machine, he will run wild! Just a thought, I’m impartial to Booney but it must be at least a cognitive thought in the Yankees brass.

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