The Walking Dead:Season 9 Episode 1 Recap

The Walking Dead returned this past Sunday and Season 9 is officially underway. The show opened to a considerable time jump, show runner Angela Kang confirming at least a year and a half. Judith is a toddler and Maggie finally had her baby. I swear to god she must’ve been pregnant for over a year, Maggie’s pregnancy was longer than a baseball season and football season combined. Maggie has herself a little boy, Hershel, names after Maggie’s father, the similarities between the baby and Glenn are obvious. If you think I’m going to go into the racist reasons why, you are out of your mind! Everybody was represented in the first episode with the exception of Negan, who for myself anyway, I thought would’ve been out in those woods cutting down walkers with Rick. Negan was mentioned often and at times regarded to in the same way that Hogwarts could only say, “he who should not be named” but was teased for next episode to make his season 9 debut. It should be interesting to see how the demise of Rick plays out this season.

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