Yanks Break Fans Heart, Lose To Red Sox

The Yankees have finally done it, they have finally stuck the dagger through my god damn heart. After an embarrassing game 3 at Yankee Stadium, they follow it up with this, game 4 was just a heartbreaker. The Yanks lost last nights game 4-3 and you gotta wonder what could have been and where do we go from here. The Red Sox brought in all the weapons and pulled all the strings, the Yanks really tried in the 9th but you can’t hang your hat on one inning. Giancarlo Stanton can hit 30 homers and 100 RBI’s but he is probably the biggest disappointment of the season for the Yankees, where is this MVP we traded for? Where is this guy that put the Marlins on his back the last few seasons? For better or worse we are stuck with Stanton for awhile so I guess get used to this crap. Booney showed his inexperience the last two months, where was Andujar when the bases were loaded and Walker up, despite getting plunked for a run, you would’ve loved to have your most consistent bat up there to give you a chance. I hate saying next year, this is the Yankees, we don’t say next year, we say this is our year. This team is lacking a clear leader, I truly believe that Aaron Judge will be the next Yankees captain but he has to step up and be the overall leader in that clubhouse. The Yankees will have some decisions to make in the offseason and I’m not sure Bryce Harper or Manny Machado are the answers, first base has been a joke and starting pitching must not be overlooked. This is going to sting for a long while but there’s plenty to build on and plenty to takeaway from this season. Time to regroup and look for answers to the holes the Yanks have, there are several.

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