NFL Fantasy Football:Week 6 Rundown

Have no clue who to pick up in the waiver wire in your fantasy league? Wonder no more, The Flag Post has got you covered. We will give you the tools you need to master your league, straight to the ship! Here’s a preview for this weeks waiver wire:

Must Pick Up

  1. CJ Beathard-ARI-Own %3.1
  2. Blake Bortles-JAX-Own % 40
  3. Derek Carr-OAK-Own % 25.5

The Spin:CJ Beathard has been beating hard since Jimmty G has gone down for the season. He has stepped in and averaging 25 points a game. Blake Bortles, despite losing a tough one against the Chiefs, still racked up 26.4 and is averaging 25 points a game for the season. Derek Carr struggled against the Chargers but is still averaging over 20 points a game and facing a favorable matchup against the Seahawks in week 6.

Running Back
  1. Wendell Smallwood-PHI-Own % 7.5
  2. Mike Davis-SEA-Own % 14.5
  3. Austin Ekeler-LAC-Own % 63.1
The Spin: With the news that Jay Ajayi will miss the rest of the regular season, look for Smallwood to get a bump in touches for the Eagles. Smallwood was able to get 17.7 points against a tough Vikings defense, a favorable match up in week 6 against the Giants on TNF awaits. Mike Davis is slowly becoming the consistent back in Seattle for coach Carroll, in his last two games, Davis has averaged 21 points a game. Austin Ekeler continues to be an anomaly, sharing time with fantasy beast Melvin Gordon and yet still averaging 14 points a game.
Wide Receiver
  1. Robby Anderson-NYJ-Own % 41.9
  2. Chester Rogers-IND-% 7.4
  3. Willie Snead IV-BAL-Own % 7.9
The Spin: Oh boy did Robby Anderson have himself a game! I think rookie Sam Darnold may have just found himself a new weapon, Anderson was able to corral the deep ball and racked up 27 fantasy points. Chester Rogers has been a consistent receiver for the Colts, averaging 16 points a game the last two games. Willie Snead IV has found his groove finally in Baltimore after coming over from the Saints, averaging nearly 10 points in the last four games.
Tight End
  1. Eric Ebron-IND-Own % 81.8
  2. David Njoku-CLE-Own % 69.8
  3. Jared Cook-OAK-Own % 92.1

The Spin: What if I told you again that Eric Ebron is still available in nearly twenty percent of the leagues, would you believe that a guy who is averaging 23 points in his last two and 16 in his last four is still available. David Njoku has the been the beneficiary of the emergence of Baker Mayfield at QB, Njoku has averaged 11 in his last two games after only averaging only 5 the previous three games. Jared Cook is still a solid TE, ranking in the top TE’s, in his last two games he is averaging nearly 19 points.


  1. Houston Texans-Own % 81.9
  2. Miami Dolphins-Own % 11.4
  3. New York Jets-Own % 34.2

The Spin: The Texans will play a struggling Buffalo team in week 6, no gigantic strategy as to why the Texans should be picked up. The Dolphins bounced back in week 5 against the Bengals, look for a similar game against the Bears coming off a bye. The New York Jets are still a viable fantasy option, Leonard Williams is racking up the sacks and the secondary is looking more and more comfortable. Look for a solid outing against the Colts this week.


  1. Graham Gano-CAR-Own % 22.0
  2. Aldrick Rosas-NYG-Own % 1.5
  3. Ryan Succop-TEN-Own % 20.3

The Spin: With a 63 yard bomb against the Gitants and the Panthers playing the Redskins, look for ample chances for Gano to rack up points. Rosas for the Giants has been steady this season, look for many opportunities for him to kick against an up and down Eagles defense, Rosas has averaged nearly 10 points in his last three games. Ryan Succop has been steady this season, in his last two games, he is averaging nearly 13 points a game.

Must Drops

  1. Ryan Tannehill-MIA-Own % 20.5
  2. Dak Prescott-DAL-Own % 28.2
  3. Josh Allen-BUF-Own % 4.5

The Spin: Ryan Tannehill has just been awful, after starting the season red hot it looks like he is back to his inconsistent ways. In Tannehill’s last two games he is averaging 5 points a game. Dak Prescott continues to struggle to get fantasy points, yards are just impossible for this young QB to come by, its hard to blame him with such a depleted WR corp. In his last three games, Prescott is averaging a shade under 17 points a game. Josh Allen looked like he could’ve been the guy to turn around the season for the Bills but has not shown much promise since being drafted in the first round for Buffalo. In his last two games, Allen is averaging 6 points a game.

Running Back
  1. Royce Freeman-DEN-Own% 86.8
  2. Derek Henry-TEN-Own % 77.0
  3. Duke Johnson Jr-CLE-Own % 51.5

The Spin: Royce Freeman is clearly the second back behind Lindsay in Buffalo, in his last two games Freeman is averaging a shade under 10 points to Lindsay’s nearly 14 a game. Derek Henry, with a sputtering Titans offense, Henry has not been a spark to quell the downhill spiral of the Titans O. Henry, the last two games is averaging just 5 points a game. Duke Johnson Jr, who last year looked like the spark plug out of the backfield is definitely second fiddle to Carlos Hyde this year. During his last two games, Johnson is averaging just 8 points a game. 

Wide Receiver

  1. Chris Hogan-NE-Own % 69.5
  2. Amari Cooper-OAK-Own % 95.5
  3. Cole Beasley-DAL-Own % 10.1

The Spin: Chris Hogan is the unlucky man out with the addition of Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman finally coming off suspension. Hogan’s last two games, he has averaged just a shade over 4 points a game. Amari Cooper has played second fiddle to Jordy Nelson this season, Cooper who was a favorite of Derek Carr’s has seen his production drop, in his last three games, Cooper has averaged just over 10 points a game to Nelson’s nearly 17 points. Cole Beasley unfortunately is a WR2 in this league and because the Cowboys do not have a legitimate WR1, Beasley has had a tough season. In his last two game, Beasley has averaged just 5 points a game. 

Tight End
  1. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins-JAX-Own % 27.7
  2. Antonio Gates-LAC-Own % 29.9
  3. Benjamin Watson-NO-Own % 35.2

The Spin: Jenkins was placed on what should be, season ending IR and will not be activated until at least week 14. In fantasy terms, it is not worth stashing this TE, just drop. Antonio Gates showed flashes that he might be relevant in fantasy but alas, in his last two games he has averaged just 6 points a game. Benjamin Watson, a supreme disappointment for most of the season is averaging just 6 points on the season, don’t look for a jump at all for this receiver as the RB’s are running the show in New Orleans. 


  1. Dallas Cowboys-Own % 26.7
  2. Green Bay Packers-Own % 41.3
  3. Philadelphia Eagles-Own % 91.5

The Spin: The Cowboys are just not getting it done on either side of the field, a struggling offense is also contributing to a struggling defense. In the last two games, Dallas has averaged just 1 point a game. Green Bay is a curious team, they have flashes that they can be a top defense but then the struggles have led to an average of just 8 points a game through the last three games. The Eagles are a far cry from the defense they were last year, look no further than 4 points they have averaged the last three games. 


  1. Jake Elliott-PHI-Own % 62.6
  2. Matt McCrane-OAK-Own % 0.1
  3. Chris Boswell-PIT-Own % 69.3

The Spin: If you were looking for the electric Elliott from a year ago, its not happening, run quick as he is just averaging just 8 points a game through the last three games. Matt McCrane is not a good kicker, quite frankly its hard trying to find the worst three kickers but has filled the quota this week, he has averaged just 5 points a game in his last three games. Chris Boswell has been consistent the last couple years but this year his has been anything but, he is 3 for 6 in field goals and has only averaged 5 points a game in his last three games.

Check back next week for an in depth look at the must pick/ drop list and good luck this week!
*Please note that all Own % totals are based on ESPN fantasy stats

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