Netflix’s “The Good Cop” Delivers A Good Show

The Good Cop, a new series by Netflix brings a mixed bag of impressions. The show stars Josh Groban as Tony Jr and Tony Danza as well, Tony Sr. Tony Jr is a NYPD detective you on an episode by episode basis is asked to solve a crime with the help of his father, convict and former NYPD detective Tony Sr. Both characters have a very distinct attitude and one can’t help to wonder if it’s even believable that they are father and son but that somehow adds to the show and how it works. At points of the show you can feel a very Monk-esque flow, whereas one in the smart, overthinking character in Tony Jr but you contrast that with the humor and suave of Danza’s Tony Sr. What works for me with this show is Danza gives a very Who’s The Boss Tony feel and in a personal level, I can’t hate on a Tony 👊🏻. The hope is that the show is renewed for a second season as Josh Groban, albeit his character being very annoying at times, did show a good range of acting and promise, couple that with an accomplished actor in Tony Danza and you have something special.

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