Yankees Call On Severino To Start Wild Card Game, Mistake?

Throughout the season, not once did I question anything Aaron Boone did to Captain the Yankees ship. I at times chalked things up to his inexperience as a manager for some questionable calls but today is the day that has changed. Luis Severino is definitely a great pitcher and has a great record BUT any Yankee fan will tell you that his struggles in the second half of the season have been daunting. Aaron Boone said that Sevy is ready for this, I’m not quite sure if he realizes that two other, less shaky pitchers were also options. You can make the argument that J.A. Happ was the odds on favorite to start, even Tanaka, however Sevy is not who I would throw up at the mound to start a do or die game. I understand Sevy had the better record and Happ has only been with the team for two months but CMON! The Yankees hired Boone because of his understanding of analytics, Happ is 7-0 with a 2.89 era since joining the Yanks, where are the analytics in that stat, why is that overlooked!! Severino, who earlier in the season had a sub 2 era, finished the season with a 3.39 era. I think even in the worst case scenario, if the A’s were to pull off the impossible, it would be difficult to remove Boone based on this decision, but it will be a decision where if Sevy struggles, will be on the mind of Yankee faithful all off season.

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