NFL Fantasy Football:Week 5 Rundown

Have no clue who to pick up in the waiver wire in your fantasy league? Wonder no more, The Flag Post has got you covered. We will give you the tools you need to master your league, straight to the ship! Here’s a preview for this weeks waiver wire:

Must Pick Up

  1. Derek Carr-OAK-Own % 20.4
  2. Andy Dalton-CIN-Own % 52.9
  3. Joe Flacco-BAL-Own % 16.5

The Spin: Derek Carr is showing signs of life in fantasy after having another week beating his season average of 16, against a stout Cleveland defense he was able to put up 437 yards and 4 TD’s. With the Chargers next, you can expect another big game for Carr in fantasy. Andy Dalton hype is growing, with the diverse wide receiver corps at his disposal, Andy Dalton had his 4th straight game to open the season with over 20 points, cementing him as one of the top 10 fantasy QB’s. Next up for Dalton is the Dolphins, where they were absolutely decimated by the Patriots and Dalton will look for more of the same. Joe Flacco is having himself a comeback season, with the emergence of John Brown at receiver, Flacco will continue to have success in the air. Next up for Flacco is a Cleveland Defense who was torched by David Carr for the tune of 437 yards, Flacco should have himself a very comparable game after a big win against Big Ben and the Steelers.

Running Back
  1. Javorious Allen-BAL-Own % 61.8
  2. Austin Ekeler-LAC-Own % 75.8
  3. TJ Yeldon-JAX-Own % 46.8
The Spin:Javorious Allen had a modest game on the ground after Joe Flacco was finding success against the Steelers in the air, look for a bounce back game as Javorious is averaging 13.5 points a game through four games. Austin Ekeler and Melvin Gordon just might  be the most lethal backfield in the league this year. Ekeler, who pales in comparison to Gordon’s 24.4 a game is still averaging an electric 14.4 points a game and has hit double digits in three of his first four games. TJ Yeldon is becoming a gametime back, given the fact that Fournette cannot stay healthy this year, with a pesky hamstring injury look for TJ Yeldon to carry the load, in Fournette’s absence Yeldon has been averaging 12.8 points a game.
Wide Receiver
  1. Tyler Boyd-CIN-Own % 66.6
  2. Corey Davis-TEN-% 77.5
  3. Donte Moncrief-JAX-Own % 9.7
The Spin:The combination of Tyler Boyd and AJ Green is becoming quite lethal for Andy Dalton and the Bengals. Tyler Boyd is picking up the slack against coverage against Green, averaging 17.2 points a game. With the emergence of Marcus Marriota at QB, you can expect him to look for his favorite target Davis, with the Titans playing a pitiful Buffalo defense, expect a big, big game for Davis. Donte Moncrief was able to assert himself into the offense early and often with Blake Bortles in week 4 against the Jets. With the Jags playing a league worst KC defense, you can expect Bortles to pick apart the defense with Moncrief a big part of that.
Tight End
  1. Vance McDonald-PIT-Own % 31.3
  2. Eric Ebron-IND-Own % 68.8
  3. Jared Cook-OAK-Own % 73.6

The Spin:Its time to believe the hype with Vance McDonald! Had it not been for a miserable second half for Big Ben, you can believe McDonald would’ve followed him. McDonald is averaging 9 points a game and is establishing himself as a favorite target of Big Ben and his number 1 TE option. If only people listened to me, you would have a top five TE option on your team with Ebron, Ebron is having himself a year! With Andrew Luck showing that he is back, he is looking for his favorite target in Ebron, who as of right now is averaging 12 points a game. If you listen to nothing I say, what if I told you that the number one fantasy TE is still available in 21.9 percent of the leagues out there! Jared Cook is having monster weeks thanks to David Carr emerging as a top fantasy QB. Cook is averaging a staggering 18.5 points a game.


  1. Tennessee Titans-Own % 39.2
  2. Baltimore Ravens-Own % 77.5
  3. New York Jets-Own % 28.5

The Spin:The Titans are playing the Bills next week, I am done explaining why you need to pick the Titans D up. Give the Ravens D credit for shutting down an electric Steelers defense on SNF, gaining 8 points in fantasy and averaging 8 points a game overall. Look for the Jets D to bounce back against a struggling Broncos offense, averaging 10 points along the way for the season.


  1. Mason Crosby-GB-Own % 56.8
  2. Ryan Succop-TEN-Own % 19.0
  3. Jason Meyers-NYG-Own %0.9

The Spin: These are the biggest gainers in fantasy points and pickup percentage for the kicker pool. If any of these guys are available and your current starter is averaging less than 9 points, one of these guys should be picked up immediately.

Must Drops

  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick-TB-Own % 86.7
  2. Dak Prescott-DAL-Own % 29.4
  3. Case Keenum-IND-Own % 17.0

The Spin:With a bye week and the Buc’s already announcing that Jameis Winston will reclaim his starting spot, the magic is gone! Do not believe the hype after Prescott broke a sub 200 yard outing for the first time all year. The weapons for the Boys just don’t exist on the receiving end for the Cowboys and Prescott, unless a big acquisition is made will not bounce back this year. Keenum has regressed each and every week this season, he definitely has the weapons on the receiving end but just hasn’t put it together this season so far, don’t risk him since their is a plethora of QB options this year.

Running Back
  1. Alfred Morris-SF-Own% 59.2
  2. Ty Montgomery-GB-Own % 40.1
  3. Theo Riddick-DET-Own % 35.1

The Spin:Alfred Morris clearly is the backup at this point to Matt Breida, given the fact that Morris has also been battling injury the last two weeks, its a safe bet to drop Morris. Ty Montgomery just keeps duping his fantasy owners, unless a drastic dropoff in play from Aaron Rodgers, its safe to say that Montgomery will struggle, averaging only a shade under 7 points a game. With a more productive Kerryon Johnson, you can expect a dismal outing from Riddick each week, after a fast start to the season, Riddick is only averaging 6 points a game in his last two games. 

Wide Receiver

  1. Ted Ginn Jr-NO-Own % 33.0
  2. Pierre Garcon-SF-Own s% 57.6
  3. Cole Beasley-DAL-Own % 13.2

The Spin:With just a horrible punt/kick returning game for Ginn Jr, coach Payton clearly was out there to prove a point with Ginn Jr not being a part of the offense at all, only recording a single yard in the entire game. Pierre Garcon is feeling the absence of Jimmy G as in the two games since his injury, Garcon is averaging just 5 points a game and 5 overall for the season. Cole Beasley is having himself a tough season thanks to the horrid play of Dak Prescott, its not encouraging when your QB just broke 200 yards for the season in week 4!

Tight End
  1. Tyler Eifert-CIN-Own % 67.4
  2. Ben Watson-NO-Own % 36.7
  3. Will Dissly-SEA-Own % 44.2

The Spin: Eifert was having a good year but unfortunately for Eifert he broke his ankle, knocking the big TE out for the season. In a potent NO offense, Watson is not contributing a whole lot! For the season, Watson is averaging less than 8 points a game and less thank 6 points in his last three games. The young TE Dissly was having a breakout season for the Seahawks, however he picked up knee injury and will be out for the rest of the season, with no return planned. He was previously averaging 11 points a game. 


  1. Buffalo Bills-Own % 1.5
  2. Miami Dolphins-Own % 12.87
  3. Los Angeles Chargers-Own % 81.5

The Spin: If you need to pick up the Bills defense for some reason, you probably should search the internet on how to play fantasy football! The Dolphins got hammered against the Patriots this past week, dropping them to 3-1 on the season and it doesn’t get any easier for them as they play a dangerous Bengals team with weapons on every position. The Chargers have only hit double digit points in a week once (11, week 2 against the Bills!) given that fact and the other being that, the Chargers defense has had negative points in 2 of the 4 first games, gives you a good idea to drop and fast!


  1. Sam Ficken-LAR-Own % 45.4
  2. Phil Dawson-ARI-Own % 0.5
  3. Chris Boswell-PIT-Own % 70.8

The Spin:Ficken is a victim of being part of one of the most explosive offensive teams in the Rams, as a result he is usually kicking PAT’s instead of FG’s. Not that many people were picking up Dawson anyway, you should follow suit and make sure he is rid of your team. Dawson was asked to kick the ball three times and only converted once. Boswell is not seeing many chances to kick the ball in Pittsburgh, however in the last two games he is 3 for 4 from range, however for the season he is 3 for 6, horrible numbers for a usually steady kicker.

Check back next week for an in depth look at the must pick/ drop list and good luck this week!
*Please note that all Own % totals are based on ESPN fantasy stats

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