Yankees End Season, Set Sights To A’s At The Stadium

So 162 games down and the Yankees have the wild card game to go. The Yanks will play the A’s at Yankee Stadium Wednesday night at 8pm for all the marbles. The next game will judge, no pun intended whether or not Aaron Boone’s rookie campaign as Yankee skipper was a success. First though, the Yanks have to pick a starter to throw out there in the wild card game, the answer is very clear. J.A. Happ, since joining the Yankees from the Bluejays has gone 7-0 with a 2.69 era through 11 games. Tanaka and Sevy are too inconsistent and CC is best used if the Yanks go past the A’s. Last year, in the wild card game against the Twins, Girardi had entrusted the ball to Sevy, only to see him struggle. The Yankees cannot fall behind against the A’s as they, just like the Yankees, have a shut down bullpen. This is also a chance for El Gary to put behind his atrocious year at the plate and redeem himself for his short comings throughout the season. It should be fun and once the starters are announced for the game Wednesday, it should intensify.

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