Yankees Get To 100 Wins, Break HR Record

The Yankees even though they had struggled for the latter part of the season, still pulled off a 100 win season. The Yankees, on the second to last game of the season made a little bit of history. They broke the single season team record for homers and as of right now sit at 264 with one game to go. The other bit of history was, every position player has hit for 20+ homers this season, the first time in MLB history, quite a record. The joint record for the Yanks and Sox was that since the Yanks recorded their 100th win, it’s the first time in history that the Yanks and Sox both had 100 wins in one season. At this point there really is nothing to play for, other than giving the starters a rest and prepare then for the big wild card matchup on Wednesday against the A’s at Yankee Stadium. The a Yankees will like not use a regular starter in the final game against the Red Sox and Porcello. The Yankees had themselves a day on Saturday and hopefully this momentum carries over to the playoffs.

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