Mets Send Off David Wright In A True Fan Screwie

In true Met fashion, on one of the bright spots of the season, the Mets find a way to screw their fans. David Wright made his return last night at third base, his first start in over two years. The Mets built the game up as a farewell night to David Wright, the face of the Mets, the hero, the brave player who fell on bad luck. Citi Field was poppin, little did the Met fans know, the team was planning on pulling him after four innings. Wright walked in his first at bat, fielded a ground ball at third and flied out in his final at bat. Wright when then pulled from the field and the Mets faithfully cheered him off the field. In what was supposed to be a triumphant night for Wright and the rest of the Mets faithful, the Mets organization found a way to do what they do best, mess up and screw their fans. There is no doubt that the Mets fans would’ve came out to send their guy off in style but the ticket prices were through the roof, especially on secondary markets like Stubhub. David Wright will be remembered as the Mets “Captain” but the true thing he should be remembered for is being a consistent positive in an organization that has consistently cranked out inconsistency and mediocrity. Good luck to you David Wright and as a baseball fan, let’s hope you stay in the game in some facet.

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