Yankees Clinch Home Field Advantage For The Wild Card Game, Oh They Hit Some Homers Too!

After 160 games of ups and downs, the Yanks are in the playoffs and have clinched home field advantage against the A’s in the wildcard game. The Yankees also tied a major league record for most home runs in a season at 264. Overall it was a good night as the Yankees clinched home field and tied a very prestigious record. However things got dicey when the Red Sox threatened in the ninth after a pair of errors by Didi and Andujar, the Yankees were not helping Zach Britton, who came on in the ninth to close it out. After walking in a run with the bases loaded, Britton buckled down for the last out, beating the Red Sox 11-6. This team although very good at hitting dingers, will also have to work on small ball as they will be up against some pretty tough pitching in the American League.

The post season begins on Wednesday, October 3rd for the Yanks at Yankee stadium. However, there is still one more stat the Yanks must at least try for, they are at 99 wins for the season. If the Yankees win one of the next two, it will be the first time in MLB history that both the Yanks and Sox had 100 wins in a season.

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