Papa CC Dominates The Rays

The Yanks beat the Rays 12-1 and papa CC had his catchers back. Austin Romine has a ball whiz over his head during his at bat in the top of the sixth inning, warnings were issued and in the bottom of the sixth CC plunked the Rays catcher Jesus Sucre. Papa CC wasn’t having any of the Rays plunking his guy and before he departed, he motioned to the Rays dugout, grabbing his balls and saying “That’s for you bitch”. It’s not clear who he was targeting but the Rays definitely got the message and they cut the crap and let the Yanks get down to business and focus on winning the god damn game, which again we did, again 12-1, we won, to be clear Yanks won 12-1. The Yanks are getting closer to clinching home field for the wild card game, with three games left the Yanks are up two games over the A’s. The Yanks magic number to clinch home field is two. The upcoming final series will hopefully be a divisional series preview as if the Yanks win the wild card game, they would play the Red Sox.

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