David Wright:A Mets Sendoff Preview

David Wright took some batting practice Thursday, ahead of his farewell start Saturday at Citifield. He did pretty well, depositing some souvenirs into the bleachers, what a guy! Coach Mickey Callaway said, ideally he would prefer if Wright got an at bat or two before Saturday but couldn’t guarantee that would happen. I’ve never had anything against David Wright and I remember during the early part of his career, he was always compared to a Derek Jeter. The talent level was nowhere close to each other but popularity wise and how much he’s meant to the Mets, he’s absolutely the equivalent. It’s rumored/projected/expected/I’m guessing, Wright will start at third base along with his former field mate, Jose Reyes at shortstop. He’s a decent enough guy and it’s nice the Mets and their fans have this to look forward to, in yet another disappointing year for the Mets organization. Good for you David Wright, good for you sir!

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