NFL Week 4 Rundown:Matchups And Predictions

It’s officially week 4 of the NFL season and teams are starting to go on Bye weeks, only three teams remain undefeated. Of course tonight is Thursday Night Football, Vikings, who were decimated by the Bills in week 3, play Super Bowl favorites, Los Angeles Rams.What about the rest of week 4? See below for my complete pick list for every game. Last week I went 6-10, an improvement from week 2 but some teams outperformed expectations. The Twitter-verse has voted like this so far in favor of the Rams for tonight’s TNF game.

Rams v. Vikings-Thursday Night Football

Prediction:Rams 24-23

Jets v. Jaguars-1pm

Prediction:Jaguars 24-13

Dolphins v. Patriots-1pm

Prediction:Patriots 27-24

Eagles v. Titans-1pm

Prediction:Eagles 24-10

Texans v. Colts-1pm

Prediction: Texans 27-23

Bills v. Packers-1pm

Prediction:Packers 24-10

Lions v. Cowboys-1pm

Prediction:Cowboys 21-16

Buccaneers v. Bears-1pm


Bengals v. Falcons-1pm


Seahawks v. Cardinals-4pm


Browns v. Raiders-4pm


Saints v. Giants-4pm

Prediction:Giants 30-27

49ers v. Chargers-4pm

Prediction:Chargers 24-10

Ravens v. Steelers-4 pm

Prediction:Steelers 24-17

Chiefs v. Broncos-Monday Night Football

Prediction: Chiefs-34-21

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