Manifest:NBC’s Latest Thriller Intrigues But Falls Flat

It’s premiere time in tv land and one of the more hyped/talked about new shows is NBC’s Manifest. The shows centers around passengers of….(spoiler alert 🚨 from here on out!) a plane who have been presumed missing/dead for the past five years, even the passengers themselves are unaware that such time has lapsed.

The main characters of the show are Ben and his sister Michaela. The show is set in NYC and through the first episode chronicle how the survivors are trying to resume a life that they have been missing for apparently five years. Michaela is a NYPD officer who finds out that she has a gift, she hears voices telling her to do things and those things end up being saving a little girl from being run over by a bus and rescuing two girls from a shady as hell looking kidnapper. For some reason or another, all the passengers are drawn to the plane that forever changed their lives, only to watch it somehow blowup and combust on its own. If I’m giving this a rating, granted it’s only through the initial pilot, I’m giving it overall a 4/10. The shows acting is cheesy and although the premise is intriguing, it does little to hold my attention. For the sake of being thorough, I will give this show another episode but I don’t have high hopes! Update to follow

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