Jets v. Jags:Jets Need To Step Up

After giving up a loss to the previously winless Browns, the Jets look to turn the page to week four and the Jags. Obviously the Browns game was a let down, Safety Jamal Adams told local NY radio, WFAN that the Jets were completely prepared for Tyrod Taylor but not Baker Mayfield. Mayfield was able to pick apart the Jets D and secure a first win, first in over two and a half years. The Jets know what they are getting with the Jags in Blake Bortles and the Jags stellar defense. Coach Bowles even spoke to the media how Sam Darnold was t able to do some things against the Browns that he’s hoping to do with the Jags. One of those things, highly criticized for a lack of was a deep passing threat. Through two weeks, Darnold has more deep attempts than Aaron Rodgers. The Jets will need to do a better job on the offensive side if they will have any success against the Jags. Sam Darnold needs to step up and take control, like he did in the Lions game. Going 9-20 passing and a sub 50% passing percentage will not win a game against a pee wee football team.

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