NFL Fantasy Football:Week 4 Rundown

Have no clue who to pick up in the waiver wire in your fantasy league? Wonder no more, The Flag Post has got you covered. We will give you the tools you need to master your league, straight to the ship! Here’s a preview for this weeks waiver wire:

Must Pick Up

  1. Ryan Tannehill-MIA-Own % 7.8
  2. Deshaun Watson-HOU-Own % 96.7
  3. Matt Ryan-ATL-Own % 82.6

The Spin: Ryan Tannehill is back and relevant in fantasy football. Tannehill is averaging 25 points a game and with New England coming up, the matchup is favorable. Deshaun Watson last year was a fantasy stud before his injury and has slowly crept into the fantasy QB talk. Watson is averaging 25 points a game and with a trip to Indy upcoming you can expect big numbers. Matt Ryan, coming off a 53 point fantasy game will be a pick up. Ryan is averaging a staggering 33 points a game in fantasy but is matching up against an inconsistent Bengals D, Ryan should be a must start.

Running Back
  1. Javorious Allen-BAL-Own % 39.3
  2. James White-NE-Own % 75.8
  3. Matt Breida-SF-Own % 86.4
The Spin: Matt Breida has clearly established himself as the lead back in a very talented Niners offense, leading the way this past week with 11 carries and 138 yards with a score. Through two games, Breida is averaging 14 points a game. Javorious Allen is coming off a TNF game and will be well rested off his last outing and has averaged 14 fantasy points so far. James White has established himself as the main back in New England, although its usually too risky to start a back from New England, it is worth noting that White has averaged nearly 15 fantasy points.
Wide Receiver
  1. Calvin Ridley-ATL-Own % 40.8
  2. Sammy Watkins-KC-% 91
  3. Tyler Boyd-CIN-Own % 23.7
The Spin: Although fantasy stud Julio Jones can be relied upon for consistent numbers, it would be foolish to not recognize that Matt Ryan clearly is favoring the speedy Ridley. Ridley is averaging 17 points a game. Watkins is averaging 14 points a game, while QB Mahomes is dealing look for more of the same for Watkins. Tyler Boyd is slowly becoming a fantasy stud, who would’ve thought the Bengals would produce two viable WR in fantasy, Boyd is averaging 17 points a game.
Tight End
  1. Rhett Ellison-NYG-Own % 0.0
  2. Eric Ebron-IND-Own % 55.3
  3. Jared Cook-OAKOwn % 73.6

The Spin:Evan Engram left the last game against the Texans with a MCL sprain sprain. The extent is unknown but look for more production from backup Ellison as he caught a TD from Eli Manning in a win against the Texans. Eric Ebron continues to be a favorite for QB Andrew Luck and is averaging 11 points a game. Jared Cook has been far from spectacular this season but he he has been consistent, through three weeks he is averaging 14 points a game.

  1. Seattle Seahawks-Own % 7.0
  2. Dallas Cowboys-Own % 38.7
  3. New York Jets-Own % 31.8

The Spin:The Seattle D put up a good showing this past week against the Cowboys, putting up 14 fantasy points. Through three weeks the Seahawks are averaging 8 points a game but with Arizona coming up its a must pickup. The Cowboys also has a solid week against the Seahawks, putting up 4 points but averaging 8 points a game. The Jets, despite losing again to the former winless Browns, still possess a solid D, capable of putting up good fantasy numbers. Through three weeks, the Jets are averaging 13 points a game.

  1. Wil Lutz-NO-Own % 84.9
  2. Cody Parkey-CHI-Own % 3.8
  3. Stephen Hauschka-BUF-Own % 2.3

The Spin: These are the biggest gainers in fantasy points and pickup percentage for the kicker pool. If any of these guys are available and your current starter is averaging less thank 9 points, one of these guys should be picked up immediately.

Must Drops

  1. Jimmy Garappolo-SF-Own % 72.0
  2. Dak Prescott-DAL-Own % 35.1
  3. Andrew Luck-IND-Own % 88.9

The Spin:Jimmy G has hit the injury bug, tearing his ACL, there are quality QB’s available so that is the good news. Dak Prescott is far from the fantasy stud he was in his rookie campaign, so far this season, Dak is averaging a measly 16 points a game. Andrew Luck has been solid in his return this year but far from the fantasy behemoth he was in the past. So far, through three weeks, Luck is averaging 19 points a game but will be playing a stingy Houston defense in a divisional matchup week 4.

Running Back
  1. Rex Burkhead-NE-Own% 77.9
  2. Ty Montgomery-GB-Own % 40.0
  3. Theo Riddick-DET-Own % 39.4

The Spin:Rex Burkhead has himself a fantasy breakout last season but not so much this year. He left the last game with a neck injury and so far he is averaging 4 points a game. Ty Montgomery has fall victim to too many options by Aaron Rodgers, Montgomery has struggled to be a consistent fantasy back and has averaged 6 points a game. Theo Riddick has all the promise in the world during his rookie year, however with the emergence of Kerryon Johnson, Riddick finds himself in a backup role averaging just 9 points a game.

Wide Receiver
  1. Ted Ginn Jr-NO-Own % 32.9
  2. Larry Fitzgerald-ARI-Own % 97.4
  3. Cole Beasley-DAL-Own % 13.2

The Spin: Ted Ginn Jr, although very talented is also very inconsistent. That coupled with the magnitude of weapons for Drew Brees has Ginn averaging just over 12 points a game with better options available. Even with the emergence of rookie QB Sam Rosen, Fitzgerald can’t be saved by a mediocre offensive line. Fitzgerald has plenty in the tank but is averaging just 7 points a game. With extremely inconsistent QB play by Dak Prescott, no receiver has established himself as the lead WR, Beasley is not running away with the lead receiving job with 8 points a game.

Tight End
  1. Jimmy Graham-GB-Own % 97.7
  2. Ben Watson-NO-Own % 29.2
  3. David Njoku-CLE-Own % 64.4

The Spin:Jimmy Graham is on this list again, clearly nobody listened when I said Graham is not a viable fantasy option. Graham’s NO days are far and away behind him, he is averaging only 8 points a game. Ben Watson has only to hit double digits in one game, he is averaging only 8 points a game. David Njoku, until Baker Mayfield establishes himself as a viable fantasy QB is not a safe bet, Njoku is averaging just 5 points a game.

  1. Buffalo Bills-Own % 1.1
  2. Miami Dolphins-Own % 22.8
  3. Los Angeles Chargers-Own % 61

The Spin: The Bills even though they torched the Vikings in week 3, still are ranked as a bottom tier defense. The Bills are averaging 5 points a game. The AFC East leading Dolphins are just being proficient at defense and not overly dominating, through three weeks the Fins are averaging 9 points a game. The Chargers are definitely known for their big time offense, sadly they do not have defense to match. The Chargers are averaging a measly 1 point a game.

  1. Chris Boswell-PIT-Own % 74.4
  2. Brandon McManus-DEN-Own % 15.2
  3. Matt Bryant-ATL-Own % 93.4

The Spin: Chris Boswell is not having a good kicking season, couple that with the homerun mentality of Big Ben, you can only expect Boswell to give you 3 points a game. The Broncos just aren’t getting enough offensive opportunities to score and when they do, it’s boom or bust. McManus is averaging just over 7 points a game. Matt Bryant, who has been a fantasy stud in previous years is also a victim to the boom or bust mentality of the Falcons. Through three weeks, Bryant is averaging just over 6 points a game.

Check back next week for an in depth look at the must pick/ drop list and good luck this week!
*Please note that all Own % totals are based on ESPN fantasy stats

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