Jets Inquire About Le’Veon Bell: Good Idea Or Typical Jets Mistake

There is no question acquiring a player like Le’Veon Bell upgrades your offense immediately but at what cost? The Jets are one of the teams talking to the Steelers about acquiring the disgruntled star back. Obviously the Steelers are going to ask for a hefty price for Bell, somewhere along the line of multiple first round picks plus possibly a second rounder or two. For the Jets to mortgage their future, what are they giving up? The Jets, so long as Darnold keeps progressing, have their future QB, let’s assume the Jets pull the trigger for Bell, RB is set.

They have a young, talented, yet unproven receiving corps and right End is all but an after thought for this team. On defense, the defensive line could use a dominant player off the edge, linebacker is also a weakness and safety and cornerback are above average to good. You could not trade for Bell and upgrade the defense, receiver or line backing Corp. The question then becomes will drafting a player at a weak position have a stronger effect than Bell. I think it would be a toss up, per NFL rules, teams cannot negotiate a future contract until after the season, so signing Bell could end up being a rental that comes with a gigantic price. The Jets are not known to make a big splash for players but maybe it’s time to roll the dice and move this team to the next level. If the Jets acquire Bell and resign him after the season, it’s only a matter of time until Brady and Co. retire and a Bell move would set the Jets up with a very explosive offense in an AFC East division looking for its future perennial division winner.

Maybe roll the dice and put the league in check, the Jets are the future! This franchise is desperate for a run of winning ways after struggling for so many years.

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