Yankees Clinch Playoffs

Yankees clinched a playoff berth, securing a wild card spot by beating the Orioles 3-2 in extra innings. The Yanks, unless the A’s collapse and give up the last wild card spot to the Rays, should duke it out the coming last week of the season for home field advantage in the wild card game. So where do the Yanks go from here? Can they rest some guys and feel confident whether home or road they can win? Who starts the wild card game? The Yanks should absolutely push for home field advantage as the are 53-27 at home and 42-32 on the road. There’s is a clear difference between the records and it should not be overlooked. As for the starter for game 1, the most consistent arm down the stretch by a NYC mike has been J.A. Happ. Since joining the Yankees, his record is 6-0 with a 2.39 era. It’s clear that he is the guy to trust to open the game in a decisive start, regardless you will have weapons at your disposal. Let’s not also forget that Sevy started last year in the wild card game and was not sharp, we all know how that turned out, so it’s not inconceivable that if the starter falters, the next guy can pick him up.

The Yankees have 8 games remaining, there is still some work to be done and now is not the time to giveaway wins, especially with a talented A’s and Rays team nipping at the door.

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