The God Damn Jets Lose To The Browns

This is the story of a depressed, albeit loyal fan of the NY Jets for 24 years fan. In NY, you have two choices for football fandom, the Giants and the Jets. Circle back to 1994 and you would think the choice would be easy, the Giants has won a Super Bowl in 87 and 91, right? Wrong, you root for the underdog, you root for gang green, the NY Jets! In 1994 the Jets went 6-10 and only two years later, in 96 would go 1-15! Still not jumping ship, NOPE! The Jets would make it to the AFC Championship game in 98 against the Broncos but you can guess how well that went. In 2000, Bill Parcells who was coach of the Jets, resigned and left the reigns to a young defensive coordinator Bill Belicheck. Belicheck promptly one day later resigned as Jets head coach, seeing a pattern yet?

The Jets would gain some optimism in 2008, signing QB Brett Favre. The team would start hot but stumble down the stretch, it’s worth noting that in 2008, Tom Brady missed the entire season with injury, the Jets finished 9-7. The following year, 2009, the Jets would draft QB Mark Sanchez in the first round. In 2009 and 2010, the Jets would make it to the AFC Championship game, you know how well that ended. The Sanchise would falter and bring us the infamous butt fumble!

Sanchez would eventually would compete with Tim Tebow for the starting QB job and completely ruin his psyche in the process until his departure. The Jets would draft Geno Smith and eventually give him the starting job in 2015, until he was punched by a teammate and in comes Fitzmagic. Fitzy would play well until a self destruction last game against the Bills and you know how well that went. Fast forward to this year, we finally get our guy in the 3rd pick, Sam Darnold. All the promise in the world, through two games, 1-1 going into week 3 against a winless Browns team. A team who hadn’t won in over 2 years. Sam Darnold throws two picks and looks absolutely god damn lost out there and hand the Browns their first win. My heart cannot take this crap much more, year in and year out a Jets QB looks shaky and costs us god damn games. The Jets lost to the Browns 21-17 but you might as well have thought the score was 100-0 by the way Darnold played in that fourth quarter. The god damn Jets!

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