Space Jam 2 Is A Go! But, Really?

Space Jam 2 is a go, before you get to happy, you should know it’s starting Lebron James. Lebron James will star and Black Panther director, Ryan Coogler is signed on to produce while Terence Nance will direct. Reports are that James does not want this movie to be a sequel, rather a completely new take. It’s interesting though how James wants this to be a new take, yet will retain the name “Space Jam”, it’s not as though he is riding on the coat tails of a certain all time great. No names but Michael Jordan, Lebron is riding off the success of Michael Jordan, sound familiar? Generally I take a middle of the road stance when it comes to topics but I’m not on board with this at all! If Lebron were making another basketball movie and was using his fame to promote it, FINE! Thing is, he’s not, he’s using an established product to make money. Look for more details on the movie, or not, whatever!

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