NFL Fantasy Football:Week 3 Rundown

Have no clue who to pick up in the waiver wire in your fantasy league? Wonder no more, The Flag Post has got you covered. We will give you the tools you need to master your league, straight to the ship! Here’s a preview for this weeks waiver wire:

Must Pick Up

  1. Pat Mahomes-KC-Own % 91.3
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick-TB-Own % 31.4
  3. Phillip Rivers-LAC-Own % 84.5

The Spin: If you haven’t heard about Pat Mahomes and his 10 touchdowns through his first 2 games then clearly you should read this carefully, he is a must pick up. Its insane that he is even available in some leagues. Through two games, Mahomes is averaging 45 points a game. Fitzmagic has now had 2 straight games with amazing fantasy numbers and there is no stop in sight. Through two games Fitz is averaging 47 points a game. Phillip Rivers has always been a very good fantasy QB and this year is no exception. These are the three to pick up in your league.

Running Back
  1. Matt Breida-SF-Own % 61.9
  2. Javorious Allen-BAL-Own % 18.8
  3. James White-NE-Own % 72.7
The Spin: Matt Breida has clearly established himself as the lead back in a very talented Niners offense, leading the way this past week with 11 carries and 138 yards with a score. Through two games, Breida is averaging 14 points a game. Javorious Allen is coming off a TNF game and will be well rested off his last outing and has averaged 14 fantasy points so far. James White has established himself as the main back in New England, although its usually too risky to start a back from New England, it is worth noting that White has averaged nearly 15 fantasy points.
Wide Receiver
  1. Quincy Enunwa-NYJ-Own % 56.8
  2. Keelan Cole-JAX- % 48.4
  3. Desean Jackson-TB-Own % 61.1
The Spin: Quincy Enunwa has clearly been the favorite receiver of Sam Darnold and you can expect that as the rookie is growing he will continue to throw to the guy he feels comfortable with. Enunwa has averaged 17 fantasy points through his first two games. Keelan Cole, coming off a performance which garnered a catch of the year consideration has established himself as Blake Bortles new favorite, Cole is averaging 16 fantasy points. Desean Jackson has clearly benefited from the re-emergence of Fitz-magic. Jackson is averaging 26 points a game, a must pick up.
Tight End
  1. Jesse James-PIT-Own % 3.2
  2. Eric Ebron-IND-Own % 35.6
  3. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins-JAX-Own % 30.0

The Spin:Jesse James is becoming a favorite of Big Ben and should at least get consideration as a starting TE in your league as he is averaging 16 points a game. Eric Ebron is coming off another solid outing for the Colts, as Andrew Luck gets himself back into the swing of things, you can count on Ebron getting catches. Ebron has started the season averaging 13 points a game. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins is another guy that is slowly becoming a favorite of Blake Bortles, Jenkins who had an increased work load against the Patriots is now averaging 8 points a game.

  1. NY Jets-Own % 25.4
  2. Miami Dolphins-Own % 18.9
  3. Cleveland Browns-Own % 5.4

The Spin: Although the Jets lost this past week to the Dolphins 20-10, their fantasy defense has remained spectacular. Through the first two games the Jets are averaging 17 points a game. The team that beat the Jets, the Miami Dolphins are also trending up in fantasy points, despite giving up the 12 points to the Jets offense, they are averaging 11 points a game. Something I never thought I would be writing is that the Cleveland Browns are a team to pick up in defense for fantasy football. They have been extremely solid the first two games and they have a much improved defense, averaging 10 points a game.

  1. Randy Bullock-CIN-Own % 0.8
  2. Ryan Succop-TEN-Own % 17.7
  3. Brandon McManus-DEN-Own % 17.2

The Spin: These are the biggest gainers in fantasy points and pickup percentage for the kicker pool. If any of these guys are available and your current starter is averaging less thank 9 points, one of these guys should be picked up immediately.

Must Drops

  1. Eli Manning-NYG-Own % 13.8
  2. Nick Foles-PHI-Own % 13.7
  3. Andrew Luck-IND-Own % 94.3

The Spin: Eli Manning, despite having OBJ and many talented receivers is just not a viable fantasy option right now, consider him a must drop in a QB pool rich of fantasy studs. Until Alshon Jeffrey returns back the lineup for the Eagles, you should also consider the same for Nick Foles as he is averaging a meager 12 points a game, plus with Carson Wentz returning this week he will be a must drop for sure. Andrew Luck, despite picking up the pace this past week is also a must drop. There are too many studs in free agency to keep him in your lineup. The only exception to the rule is if you are in at least a 12 man fantasy league, if so then stash these guys for when your new starter is on the bye.

Running Back
  1. Jamal Williams-GB-Own % 84.1
  2. Alfred Morris-SF-Own % 66.1
  3. Theo Riddick-DET-Own % 39.6

The Spin: Even when Aaron Rodgers is hurt, he is still passing and as such you cannot trust Jamal Williams to get you points on your roster. Through two games, Williams is averaging 6 points a game. Alfred Morris was splitting time with Matt Breida in week one, it will be clear to say that in week three there will be a more divisive split with the bulk going to Breida, through two games Morris is averaging 5 points a game. Theo Riddick, with so much talent as much as a year ago has fallen down the pecking order to Kerryon Williams, Riddick is averaging 10 points a game but trending down.

Wide Receiver
  1. Ted Ginn Jr-NO-Own % 38.5
  2. Larry Fitzgerald-ARI-Own % 99.4
  3. Josh Doctson-WAS-Own % 56.8

The Spin: Although through the first two games it is clear that Drew Brees is in a pass first scenariyou have to count that when Mark Ingram returns that the duel back workhorse of Kamara/Ingram will take over and as a result the passing will decrease. As of right now Ted Ginn Jr. is averaging 13 points but trending down. Josh Doctson has not benefited with the addition of QB Alex Smith in Washington, he has been atrocious through the first two games averaging only 4 points a game.

Tight End
  1. Jimmy Graham-GB-Own % 97.5
  2. Ben Watson-NO-Own % 36.6
  3. Tyler Eifert-CIN-Own % 58.2

The Spin: Jimmy Graham came to the Pack with the expectation of being one of Aaron Rodgers new favorite targets, that has not panned out yet. Through the first two games of the season, Graham is averaging 8 points a game. Ben Watson came into the Saints and the though was that maybe he can reclaims some of the magic that Brees had with Jimmy Graham. That has not panned out either and as a result, Watson is averaging  a meager 6 points a game. Tyler Eifert, what has happen with Tyler Eifert? Eifert who was fantasy stud at one point has fallen of the pecking order of viable fantasy TE’s. Through his first two games for the 2-0 Bengals, Eifert is averaging 5 points a game.

  1. Buffalo Bills-Own % 1.5
  2. New Orleans Saints-Own % 51.7
  3. Oakland Raiders-Own % 1.4

The Spin: I don’t think it needs to be said but I will say it anyway, the Bills are just awful this year. They will probably struggle to win games and their defense will not help them. Through two games, they are averaging 0 points a game(see where I’m going with this). The New Orleans Saints started the season with Super Bowl aspirations, through two games of the season that seems like a stretch, considering that there defense has been disappointing to start the season. Through two games, the Saints defense is averaging -2 points a game.  The Oakland Raiders coming off a complete thumping to start the season at the hands of the Rams, having a better outing against the Broncos are still not a viable fantasy option. Through two games, the Raiders are averaging 1 point a game.

  1. Chris Boswell-PIT-Own % 91.9
  2. Zane Gonzalez-CLE-Own % 0.8
  3. Wil Lutz-NO-Own % 91.0

The Spin: Between Chris Boswell and Zane Gonzalez, we are talking about FG missing machines. Boswell has missed 2 FG’s out of 2 to start the season. While Zane Gonzalez has started the season going 3 for 5 from distance, it was also announced Tuesday that Cleveland has waived Gonzalez. Wil Lutz is a casualty of Drew Brees passing the ball and not getting chances to kick it through, although it is worth noting that Lutz missed a FG this past week against Cleveland.

Check back next week for an in depth look at the must pick/ drop list and good luck this week!
*Please note that all Own % totals are based on ESPN fantasy stats

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