Yanks Waste Another Series!

The Yankees are trying their hardest to teeter on the verge of collapse and promise, with the former being in full effect! After opening the series against the Jays with an 11-0 win, they followed it with an 8-7 loss on Saturday and not to be outdone with a blown save by Betances giving up two in the eighth to hand the Yanks a 3-2 loss. Again Aaron Judge didn’t hit but the news of the day was that Judge could start at some point against the Red Sox in the upcoming series at the Stadium starting Tuesday.

The Yanks are now 11.5 our of first in the East, that is wayyyy gone and not a possibility. However we are only 1.5 ahead of Oakland, who by the graces of higher beings also lost the last two days against the Rays. The Red Sox series means nothing but pride for the East but everything in the world for the wildcard. If the Yanks want to close out strong, they must win at least two against the Red Sox.

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