NY Jets: Oh Darnold!

It’s hard to be a fan of an NFL team sometimes, maybe not just sometimes for certain teams. If you’re a Jets fan let’s say, you’re tenure as Jet fan has been one of the most turbulent in the league with the exception of maybe a couple teams. Week 1 for the Jets brought promise of a brighter future after putting up 48 points against the Lions on Monday Night Football. That’s where the torture begins, week 2 Against the Miami Dolphins and the Jets couldn’t break 10 points by halftime. Worse than that is the defense who was holding their own against Tannehill and the Dolphins, allowed big play and first down after the other with the game within reach late at 20-12. The Jets lost and Sam Darnold, despite throwing over 300 yards passing and two picks, looked at times unspectacular. I will give credit though, in the second half he looked more calm and in control of the team than he did in the first half. The Jets have a quick turnaround this week as they play the Browns on Thursday Night Football. The Jets will have to recover fast as they will be playing a talented and fast defensive Browns team. Sammy D will have to have a short memory and regain his form from the Lions game if this team is to bounce back to 2-1, if not a 1-2 start would not be ideal for a team with moderate promise to start the season. I blame fireman Ed for coming out of retirement, frickin fireman Ed!

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