NY Giants Lose To The Cowboys And Eli Wants To Cry!

Eli Manning looks flat out defeated right now. The optimism that the Giants has coming into the season, a healthy OBJ and rookie phenom RB in Saquan Barkley has resulted in zero wins. The problem flat out is that Eli Manning is not the quarterback he once was, the problem is Eli and the Giants are in disillusionment. You want it by the numbers? Eli Manning through two games is a combined 503 yards with 1 touchdown, 1 interception and 1 fumble. These numbers will not get it done in a very talented NFC East, the Cowboys put the foot on Eli’s face all night and he never responded. A consolation TD to Engram late, padded what was a forgettable performance. Saquan Barkley was not terrible but not great, he only had 28 yards rushing and 80 receiving yards. Although Barkley’s receiving number were good, the rushing numbers give you a good indication as to what the Cowboys were doing with the rookie. Next game up is against the Texans in Houston. The Giants will need to step up, especially on offensive line and the defensive backs. Too many sloppy mistakes on that front caused the 20-13 loss to the Cowboys.

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