Josh Gordon To The Patriots, Really?

In what can only be a sign that the Patriots are concerned about their receiving corps, they have traded a 5th round pick to the Browns for troubled receiver Josh “I got problems” Gordon. The Patriots are taking a chance, especially with a guy that has had just about as a checkered past as any player. Gordon who’s missed the better part of the last 4 years became just enough for the Browns to handle but the Patriots, the Patriots got this! Tom Brady must be really pissed if Big Bill and Rob had to go out and buy him a new, shiny receiver. The Patriots had success with Randy Moss, albeit he had an attitude problem and not legal problems and the same could be said for Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson but hey this could work out right? There is no denying that the Patriots have a great team but it’s weird seeing them over the ropes, getting out there in the trade market getting shiny new upgrades.

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