Subway Chronicles:True And Crazy NYC

9/14-Bronx,NY to Brooklyn,NY-A train

This one just was weird! A woman got on the train with luggage, not so crazy yet right? Well she proceeded to put her luggage on the ground and unzip and go through her stuff. She then looked around her, I guess until this point she didn’t realize other people were around her. She looked almost horrified and started to zip up her luggage in fear and nestle it as close to her as possible. God knows what this woman was going to do with her stuff in her luggage had she gone all ghost mode and oblivious to the people around her.

9/14-Bronx,NY to Brooklyn,NY-A train

Same train ride and for most people who ride trains will find this typical in NYC. A homeless guy went singing from one end of the train to the other. He then stopped three quarters of the way through the car and started to ask for money with his cap. He continued to sing and stopped every so often to inform the train he’s getting married. He then tried to do a chin up between the bars on the train to the car doors, with much failure btw. This guy then I guess exerted too much god damn energy, stopped and began to stare into eternity, blocking the door in his process. Just to touch on it, I’ve seen many things involving homeless or “bums” as most of us here in NYC call them. I’ve seen crazy bum fights and bum duets(that’s when two bums sing together in the most terrifying way possible) but never have I ever seen a bum marriage, that would’ve been a god damn first!

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