Batman Day: Who Is The Best Batman?

Today is Batman Day!! It’s that once a year that DC comics and the world celebrate everybody’s favorite caped crusader. In honor of Batman day, we will rank the best Batman actors in order of iconic to 👎🏻.

1. Michael Keaton-(Batman, Batman Returns)

I think it’s pretty suffice to say that Michael Keaton has probably played two of the most iconic movie characters of all time in Beetlejuice and Batman. His 1989 portrayal brought Batman back to the big screen and relevance back to pop culture. When the opening scene opens and he beats the two thugs and is asked “who are you”, we know he’s Batman!!

2. Christian Bale-(Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises)

Arguably could be number one on the list easily, Christian Bale and James Nolan brought a darkness to the franchise after years of goofy movies. Christian Bale was the perfect mix of Batman/Bruce Wayne in the three classics that were made.

3. Val Kilmer-(Batman Forever)

Val Kilmer came in and try to do the impossible task of replacing outgoing Michael Keaton as Batman. Star studded indeed with Jim Carey as The Riddler and Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face couldn’t save the movie from being a hit on the level of the two previous Keaton movies.

5. Ben Affleck-(Suicide Squad, Batman v. Superman, Justice League)

The sample size for Affleck is very small but promising. He showed that in Batman v. Superman he could be a very good Bruce Wayne, small sample for Batman is promising but rumors of him being replaced are rampant!

6. Adam West-(Batman TV movie, Batman TV series)

West and Burt Ward only starred-in the TV movie adaption of Batman but pulled out all the stops of a full fledge movie. The movie started Cesar Romero as The Joker as well as favorite villains, The Penguin, Catwoman and The Riddler. The movie was a moderate success and would be the last blockbuster Batman movie until Keaton/Tim Burton would take over.

7. George Clooney-(Batman & Robin)

This was clearly a paycheck movie for everybody involved and in the opinion of this writer, the absolute worst Batman movie ever made. George Clooney was just a horrible Batman as well as Chris O’Donnell as Robin. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s performance as Mr. Freeze is highly forgettable, Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy was not the greatest either.

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