Aaron Judge Back And So Is The Spark

Big, Big night for the Yankees! Before the game last night, the Yankees activated Aaron Judge. The excitement in the stadium was downright electric as news of Judge was returning spread. The Yankees took on the Blue Jays, the first of a three game set and sent Tanaka to the mound. The Yanks struck early against the Jays and starter Estrada as the Yanks put up a five spot in the first inning. From there it didn’t get any better for Toronto as the Yanks tacked on three in the third, finishing the game with a win at 11-0. The stellar pitching of Tanaka, who went six innings giving up no runs and four hits while striking out eight.

Aaron Judge entered in the eighth to play right field and the stadium was jacked, just full of energy. This is exactly what the Yanks needed, a boost and a kick in the god damn butt to get things going. The A’s pulled out a win in 10 innings to take the win 2-1 over the Rays, so the Yanks gained no ground but you can definitely feel that the tide is turning and this team is pumped with Judge coming back.

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