Subway Chronicles:True And Crazy NYC

As a frequent rider of NYC’s transit system, frequent may be an understatement as I use the subway system 5-6 day’s a week. During said time you are going to come across some crazy sh*t and that’s what this weekly series will be about. For the sake of anonymity of the persons that will be discussed I will (try) not to say when and which train.

9/13-AM-Sone train from Brooklyn, NY to NY,NY

Pretty standard train ride, crowded train with more people than seats and everybody jockeying for the pounce in case somebody leaves their seat. Sometimes people on the train get a little greedy and try to leave their seat to “upgrade” to a better seat. Today’s particular story is about the woman who was sitting across from me, who decided when the two people sitting next to me left to go and try to sit near where I was sitting in hopes of a more spacious seat. Unfortunately for this woman, somebody beat her to the god damn punch and she didn’t get it, to makes things worse she lost her initial seat. She then scanned her immediate surroundings and found nothing but the space between her newly formed nemesis who took her seat and myself. The problem in this upcoming sequence is that she was not exactly a small person, I’m not even saying I am either but I’m honest with myself and know my limitations with seats. This woman did not and for the next 3 stops I was hunched over trying to grab onto any remaining room she left me.

Final Thought

Know yourself and be honest with yourself, it’s ok if you are big, small or in between but realize where you fit (no pun intended) and sit accordingly. From the voice of your average commuter, HEED my god damn words!

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