Arsenal Preview:Newcastle United

After a break from the group play due to UEFA Nations league, play resumes for Arsenal this Saturday when they take on Newcastle. The constant stories and rumors continue to swirl about Mesut Ozil and his future at the club. Questions have arisen whether or not New skipper Unai Emery and Ozil can co-exist. The consensus is that Emery has already fallen out of favor with Ozil and rumors of his impending transfer out of the club continue. There are many things to consider, Mesut has just signed a monster contract and a move for the playmaker could prove difficult as an incoming team would have to either equal or exceed the contract. Definitely difficult at best and impossible at worst! I don’t believe that Ozil will be transferred out but his play must improve, especially with another playmaker on the team, Mikhthariaj nipping at his spot. Coming back to club play, Arsenal must continue the recent success that was enjoyed before the break, winning their last two games. If this team is to have any chance to compete for the top of the table, this is the stretch that needs to be their most consistent. I’ve always been a fan of Petr Cech but Brad Leno must be given an opportunity to play between the sticks, especially considering the wildly inconsistent play of Cech. Unai Emery has plenty to consider but an Arsenal win will help to further the team to where his vision lies.

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