Why I Hate Ryan Fitzpatrick

As a lifelong Jets fan I can only say I hate Ryan Fitzpatrick. Yes I know I have no reason to hate this man as he had the best year of any Jet quarterback in 2015 but hear me out. Besides having just a ridiculous beard that almost no human being can replicate plus the collapse of the final game of the season in 2015 and the just crap that he laid out in 2016 that’s not it. Week 1 of this new season, while stepping into the starter job because Jameis Winston is just a horrible human being he had himself a day. The problem is nobody on the planet EARTH saw this coming and if you are like me, you picked the Saints to destroy the Bucs and then some. No, Fitzy did not get the god damn memo and he threw 4 TD’s and 417 yards beating the Saints 48-40. Destroying not only every human being who picked the Saints in the knockout but destroying the Saints soul. I hate you Fitzy, ugggh!

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