Spider-Man Swings His Way To PS4

The highly anticipated PS4 exclusive Spider-Man was released yesterday. Having played the game for a couple hours, I can confirm it was worth the massive delays for this game. Spider-Man of course follows your favorite neighborhood Spider-Man aka Peter Parker as he fights endless barrage of criminals and villains all while making the city safe.


The games graphics look absolutely amazing on the PlayStation 4, the game I played was on the PlayStation Pro and it couldn’t look sharper. The amount of details in the city are stunning, swinging by midtown, take a peak at MSG in its complete digital render!


The controls are tight and very simple to get adjusted to basic movements like swinging to and from around the city. Combat controls are also easy to learn with the more advanced controls coming as you play and unlock more skills throughout the game.


The gameplay is very immersive with never a shortage of things to do. Whether it be repairing towers to improve the Spidey awareness to unlock more places of interest or general exploring. There will always be a crime in the city and Spidey will be asked and volunteer his services to keep everybody safe. The more you fight criminals, villains and unlock special backpacks the more skill points you will unlock and give you more Spidey power to take care of business.

Overall Impression

This is a very, very good game and worth the years of waiting for it. It’s a very well put together game and you can tell that time was taken for every little detail in the game. My only criticism is at times simple fights with common criminals can seem to difficult for a hero of Spider-Mans caliber while boss fights seem easier. Get this game and become 🕷 man!

Score: 9.5/10

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