The Falcons Outflown By The Eagles

The NFL season opened up last night to an absolute shit show. The omen of the night was when the game was delayed due to inclement weather, I didn’t even know that was a thing in the NFL. Once the game came out of delay, the Eagles unveiled their championship banner and that’s where it all went downhill fast. The game started off very slow, almost no offense whatsoever from either side. The only play worth mentioning was the Philly surprise which proves Tom Brady is a great QB but terrible receiver.

Other than that really nothing worth mentioning as the home team was booed off the field to the score of 6-3. Eventually things picked up but only so, the most exciting drive of the night came on the last drive when the Eagles put up just a ridiculous goal line stand. The last play was a fade route to the left endzone corner to Julio Jones which was well defended and Julio pushed out a bounds for a no catch and no win for the Falcons. Even though Ajayi scores twice it really was a shitty game all around, especially for the fantasy players out there. I feel like the Falcons probably deserved the win but Lady Luck did not help them tonight. Great start to the season…..NOT!

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