Yanks: The Bad, Terrible and Sevy

It’s getting to be a recurring theme with these Yanks and losses are piling up! Luis Severino turned in another stinker last night and the Yanks lost 8-2. The Yanks were held scoreless until the 7th when El Gary, who equally has stunk since his returned, gave the Yanks their 2 run consolation prize with a 2 run homer. If anybody is keeping score, the Yanks have lost footing in not only the division but the god damn wild card race.

Thank god the Yanks got J.A. Happ, only he and Tanaka have consistently turned in good starts over the last 30 day’s. The Yanks are going to need their bats to wake up or the last 3 weeks of the season will get even dicier than they have been. Stanton and El Gary need to get their bats moving until Didi and Judge return, at this point Didi is closer to returning but of course you can expect some rust. Hopefully with an off day today it will give the Yanks a rest and get this team on track or it’s going to get worse before it gets better!

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