Mother Gives Son Swirly!

A Florida woman was investigated from child protective devices after she gave her son a swirly! I’m not joking, she gave her a son a god damn swirly after the kid answered back with bad language. According to the mother she was going to put soap in her kids mouth but after chasing him she opted for the ol swirly. I gotta say as a child who has had a little bit of run ins with the ole soap in his mouth for bad language as a child, I count my blessings this never happen to me.

If I would’ve had my head dunked in the god damn toilet there would’ve been hell to pay, not joking. After it was all said and done, child protective services found that there was no evidence of child abuse and let the family be. Apparently according to the mother she never actually dunked the kids head in and the kid himself thought it was a joke.

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