Yankee Thoughts: Will The Ship Be Righted?

Aaron Judge’s return could not come any sooner! Another Yankee loss and more of the same ingredients. Piss poor starting pitching, this time from CC Sabathia and bats that silent when a rally is needed. The news of the day was that Aaron Judge, el Captain in the making, took swings off a tee for the first time since injuring his wrist in July. That news coupled with playing the second wild card team,Oakland A’s you would’ve thought would’ve provided for a spark. A run in the first to take the lead but after that point it was all downhill. The Yankees lost the game 6-3 and surrendered a precious game to both the A’s and Red Sox, who also won btw. This is getting bad, a change needs to be made in the lineup or something, the Yankees need a spark. Hopefully J.A. Happ can right the ship tonight and turn the page on the losing ways and get these guys back on track. As it is right now, we have a tough stretch of games coming up and now is not the god damn time to dial it in.

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