AFC Preview: Who Are The Players?

So it’s just about time for that magical part of the year when the NFL season kicks off and so goes the promise of every team in the league. Of course the perennial favorites are back, Patriots, Steelers, Jaguars, Chiefs and Raiders. All reloaded and ready to go but what about the rest of the pack, where do they stand, below is a projected look division by division.

AFC East

1. Patriots- 13-3

2. NY Jets-9-7

3. Buffalo Bills-4-12

4. Miami Dolphins-2-14

Insider Look: Of course the Pats are the favorites to win it all and of course the division, however the Jets will compete with Darnold, while the Bills will fluster with Josh Allen presumably taking over the starting QB spot and Fins will flip to last place with just a depleted team.

AFC North

1. Pittsburgh Steelers-12-4

2. Baltimore Ravens-9-7

3. Cleveland Browns-4-12

4. Cincinnati Bengals-3-13

Insider Look: The Steelers looked prime for another run with LeVeon Bell playing for a monster deal. The Ravens will compete while Cleveland with an upgraded team from last year will look to improve on their winless season from a year ago. Coach Marvin Lewis will finally get the axe this year while the Bengals slip to last place.

AFC South

1. Jacksonville Jaguars-11-5

2. Houston Texans-10-6

3. Tennessee Titans-9-7

4. Indianapolis Colts-3-13

Insider Look:This will be the year Blake Bortles puts it together, unfortunately the division is stacked! The Texans will finish second if monster man JJ Watt can stay healthy while the talented D of the Titans make a run of it. However even the return of Mr. Luck can’t provide any for just a depleted team on the defensive side.

AFC West

1. Oakland Raiders-11-5

2. Kansas City Chiefs-10-6

3. Los Angeles Chargers-9-7

4. Denver Broncos-5-11

Insider Look: Jon Gruden will lead his team to the glory he built years ago and right the ship of talented players, although the loss of Mack on the defensive side will be a tough pill to swallow. The Chiefs will have growing pains with their second year signal caller Mahomes, the Chargers will compete with a solid offense. The Denver Broncos will have a middle of the road year to mediocre, too many losses on the defensive side coupled with new faces in the offensive side will lead to a slow start, one insurmountable.

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