Yankees Are Slowly Killing Me


The Yanks are slowly killing my soul, they are finding new and inventive ways to lose games. The addition of Gary Sanchez off the DL coupled with the arrival of Cutch was supposed to propel the Yanks to a strong September. Instead the Yanks started the month going 0-2 Against a young struggling Tigers team. Lance Lynn was never in control and the combination Kahnle/Gray did little to make things better as the Yanks fell 11-7. Hicks and Voit homered, Voit who once again replaced Bird as the starting first basemen is slowly cementing his case as the everyday first baseman. The other news of the day was manager Boone who was handed a one game suspension for his antics against the umpire in the previous game was a spectator in this one. Good for you Booney for standing up and putting a fire under the tuckass of this team. The Yanks open a set against the Athletics tonight, let’s see if we can gain ground.

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