Darnold Starts Week 1 For Jets: Youngest Starter In NFL History


Coach Bowles has finally announced what most people have expected, the beginning of the Sam Darnold era. He will start against the Detroit Lions at the season opener on Monday Night Football. It’s a little fucking exciting if you ask me, this kid has all the hype and promise to match in the world. A Jets fan since 1994, I cannot remember when there has been this much positive excitement for a starting quarterback. Even the Sanchise didn’t have the same feel like there is now for Sam Darnold. I’m calling it now, I’m all in on this kid, I truly believe he has all the tools to finally be the franchise QB that myself and the rest of Jets Nation have been waiting for. I will even settle for some growing pains so long as it looks like there’s a flood light at the end of the Holland tunnel! This is it, it’s Darnold show, let’s hope the show is as good as the hype!

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