Arsenal Win 3-2 Despite Shaky Play


Arsenal pulled out the win today despite the shaky efforts of the keeper Cech and a very soft defense on set pieces. Arsenal won today through the strong efforts of Andre Lacazzette, Aubameyang and Mustafi, all of which responsible for the three goals to two against Cardiff City. Very uninspiring play once again from Petr Cech, it’s getting to a point where you almost hold your breath when his feet touch the ball. Xhaka and Bellerin gave almost nothing as far as production or inspiration as they were mere catalyst to the playmakers up front. Mesut Ozil has a solid game but nothing awe dropping to ride home about. That brings us to the defense, mostly solid until set pieces, problem was there were a ton of set pieces for Cardiff today. Torreira came in and gave a good spark of energy for the last 20 minutes of the game. It’s time to start Torreira and give Leno a chance between the sticks to give this team the best chance to win.

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