Yanks Dropped By Tigers, Get Cutch


Well I swear the Yanks find new ways to falter my excitement every night. On a night where JA Happ was very shaky at best and the score kept flip flopping, the Yanks brought a god damn lead into the 9th where they gave up 3 runs and the lead for good. What makes this even more heartbreaking is that we had the lead a couple times and failed to gain ground. On a night where at the time the Red Sox were trailing but eventually came back to win their game, we are now 8.5 games back and looking less and less likely a run to the division crown will happen. The big news of the day was Gary Sanchez, barring an act of god should rejoin the Yanks tomorrow in the lineup. He will be greeted by the other big news of the day, news that was broken late that the Yankees have acquired outfielder Andrew McCutchen from the Giants. This is both exciting and alarming, exciting because I do believe he has some juice left in the tank and alarmed because clearly the Yanks don’t believe that Judge will be back soon. I’m a fan of McCutchen and hopefully he could help a team desperately looking for leadership.

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