Yanks Throw Up A Lose And I Might Throw Up Too


The Yanks put up another stinker against a team we needed to win against and the worst part? The god damn Red Sox won, bye bye game! It’s frustrating to lose 4-1 to a White Sox team that has such a poor record and inexperienced team. The guys at YES would have you believe “they are better than their record suggest” but the fact of the matter is they lost 80 fucking games! I was on the Gleyber Torres train earlier in the season but I gotta tell you, this kid is killing me. With bases juiced in the fifth and after Torreyes had just singled in the run, all momentum going to the Yanks, on a pass ball he came jogging home because it sure as hell wasn’t running home. Well you can just guess the outcome of that play, out by a country mile. This team needs a spark, maybe bring in the Grandy Man until Judge comes back, at least then we can move Stanton to DH and fortify the outfield. I know El Gary has been jacking them out in his rehab assignment but that means nothing at this point if he doesn’t translate that to the bigs. Tigers are up next and they are also an 80 loss team, let’s hold our breaths!

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