Saved By The Bell Mini Reunion


There was a mini Saved By The Bell reunion at the Ellen DeGeneres show involving Slater aka Mario Lopez and Kelly Kapowski aka Tiffani Amber Thiessen. They caught up and talked about how their kids now watch the show that made both of them famous. They also talked about how the show first aired in 1989 and it got me thinking, holy shit I’m getting fucking old. I was 6 god damn years old when it first aired and that show was my jam. I even watched the College Years version and then the impending wedding between Zack and Kelly. Both Lopez and Thiessen are 44 years old so at least I can take splice that they are at least a decade older than I am. Both stars look pretty good, especially Mrs. Morris. There should be a reboot of this show with Zach and Kelly’s son taking over chief mischief duties at Bayside High. We deserve to know what the fuck happen after the camera went dark after the wedding. Oh well in a land of reboots here’s hoping!

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